Theater Astorka

The legendary Astorka will once again be of service to the culture! The NFE company becomes the manager and operator of this unique space, providing domestic and foreign visitors with high-quality theatre, a wide range of concerts and first-class gastronomy.

The cultural hotspot in the absolute centre of Bratislava, right across the presidential palace, is ambitious to continue the famous chapters from the last century of cultural life in Slovakia. If you don't register the importance of this dilapidated and almost extinct jewel, we would like to remind you briefly.

The Astoria building was created in 1925, containing a cafe that became the epicentre of the life of Bratislava's interwar intellectual elite immediately after its creation. In its time, it was a unique building, as it was initially built exclusively for the given function, while the prominent architects Friedrich Weinwurm and Ignác Vécsei gave it a typically modern and clean character, with which they entered the history of Slovak architecture. The building also acquired cultural significance in the post-socialist period with the founding of the famous Astorka Korzo 90 Theater in 1990. Unfortunately, in 2004, with the promise of reconstruction, the building was closed and had been falling into disrepair ever since. Currently, reconstruction works are already fully underway under the leadership of the new owner of the property, Astoria property s.r.o., whose owner has experience in development and construction. NUNEZ NFE is honoured to have been invited to this ambitious project. The ceremonial opening of the entire building is planned for autumn 2023.

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